Danny Brown Songs and Their Original Samples


Youtube user Duven Music put together this awesome video showcasing the many samples found in Danny Brown’s music.


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Danny Brown’s “Most Influential!”

Danny has been on twitter naming his many influences while working on his new album…

… and it has anticipating his new album.


“Expect Danny Brown’s new album to be one for the books.”


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Catch Danny Brown at Roskilde Festival July 7th, 2018!

BRUISERS! Danny Brown will be playing at Roskilde Festival on July 7th 2018 in Roskilde Denmark!

Get tickets here!

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“This Is Danny Brown” – A Playlist by Spotify


Spotify recently put together an awesome Danny Brown essentials playlist. Consisting of material spanning across Danny’s long career, this playlist serves as the perfect introduction to Danny Brown!


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“The Church of What’s Happening Now” Episode 563 with Danny Brown!

Danny Brown is back for another appearance on Joey “Coco” Diaz’s “Church of What’s Happening Now” podcast!

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Catch Danny Brown March 12th at House of Vans Chicago for 312 Day!

Catch Danny Brown at House of Vans Chicago on March 12th, 2018 for Goose Island’s 312 Day!



“A Piece of The Geto (Short Film)” by ZGTO!

ZGTO, the Detroit duo consisting of Bruiser Brigade member ZelooperZ and Ghostly producer Shigeto, has just released their short film, “A Piece of The Geto!”

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And also check out their collaborative album by the same name: A Piece of The Geto!

Danny Brown is Back Again for #ShoesSoFresh!


Danny is back with Eddie Huang for the #ShoesSoFresh ad campaign by Finish Line and Adidas!

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Catch Danny Brown at Bay Dreams For New Years 2018!

Danny Brown is going to be at Bay Dreams Pre-Party in Taranga, New Zealand for New Years 2018!


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Bay Dreams

Danny Brown’s Choice For Album of The Year Is …

Danny Brown just gave his pick for album of the year! It’s, ‘A Crow Looked At Me’ by Mount Erie!

In a tweet, the Detroit rapper shared his thoughts on the coveted accomplishment, throwing his support behind Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me. “A Crow Looked at Me is the best album of 2017,” stated Danny, before concluding with a self-deprecating “lol like my opinion matters lol.” And while he may think little of his own opinion, Mount Eerie (real name Phil Elverum) took Danny’s words to heart, hitting him back with a sincere “Thank You Danny.” He also said that Danny’s “recommendation is literally more valuable (in real money sales) than the New York Times.” It’s a cool exchange between two vastly different artists, and the level of mutual respect is evident.